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TFS Air Filtration Benefits
Using Texas Filter Service provides major benefits.
Reliable service, high-efficiency filters, and custom fit frames will keep your equipment cleaner, lasting longer, and providing a clean-air indoor environment. Below are just some of the ways Texas Filter Service will save your organization money.

  • Personnel time and cost: By having regular scheduled consistent service to handle HVAC filter changes, your maintenance personnel are free to do other important activities that need to be done. Our prices are such that in most cases we can perform the service for less than it costs to have your maintenance staff do it. Our regular service assures you that the filter changes will be done on a regular basis and not pushed back, set aside, or forgotten about because of other pressing needs. In addition, we carry the inventory which saves you inventory costs.

  • Maintenance and repair cost: Reliable, high-efficiency filters will keep your equipment clean and allow for better air flow. Better air flow means that your equipment will operate more efficiently, needing less expensive repair and maintenance.

  • Replacement cost:Your air conditioning equipment will last longer if maintained properly. The regular changing of filters and preventative maintenance checks will prevent your HVAC system from wearing out sooner, saving you in expensive early replacement costs.

  • Monthly utility savings: A clogged air filter causes a 10% reduction in air flow and increases operation costs by 11%. Many customers have reported a savings of 10-30% when the filters are changed on a consistent basis.

Dirt is not cheap! Dirty air is not free.
Failure to properly maintain your heating and air conditioning system comes with a cost. Below are just some of the costs of not maintaining the filtration system of your HVAC system.

  • Dirty filters cause your HVAC sytem to work harder and use more energy to maintain a consistant indoor temperature.

  • When your system works harder, it not only uses more energy, but it breaks down more often and reduces the life of your equipment.

  • A forced-air system routinely circulates allergens, viruses, and bacteria creating an unhealthy environment.

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